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This project is cofinanced by LdV European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci, which aims at making vocational education more attractive to young people and, by helping people to gain new skills, knowledge and qualifications.

In December 2009, the contractor and coordinator of the project, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Youth and Sports signed the grant agreement with the Turkish NA. Thereby, MOVILISE project is launched.



Dear sportspeople,

This project is about creating online & offline digital textbook including vocational language training modules of English for athletes, coaches, referees and sports administrators.

What is this digital textbook?

  1. This textbook is not a coursebook. It is more a general source of vocabulary and language exercises for sportsmen. Every sportsmen finds the core of his important phrases and can practise it on any level.
  2. Due to it's clear structure, the textbook can be used as a grammar practice book with sport-oriented topics.
  3. This textbook gives a perfect base for creating a coursebook very easily. You can use the all-sport related exercises, extend your beloved sport section.
  4. Grammar is supportive and referential. The grammar part includes frequently used grammar points and all the topics which are tested inside the units.

You can access to online training modules here.


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